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Jean Reno

  Created 10 February 1999 - Last Updated 30 June 2000


23 June 2000
Please join the new Jean Reno Fan Club. It has just been formed and we need more people to talk with. Hey, if you're here, you've got the time. Check it out at the below link:

10 May 2000
Jean Reno has now signed aboard to star in the upcoming ROLLERBALL remake for John McTiernan. He will play the corporate boss who overseas the team. Other players include LL Cool J and Chris Kline as Jonathan E.  Release Date:2001

22 February 2000
Leon & Mathilda, my page devoted to The Professional in now up and somewhat running. Check out the audio page to listen to varios movie clips.

01 January 2000
A mailing address has been added to the Bio page. Also, The Jean Reno Page is now a member of Star Pages.  Please click the icon, on the left for more information about Star Pages. Happy New Year to all!

30 June 1999
The Biography and Links sections are now up stop by, check them out, and please remember to sign the Guestbook!

17 February 1999
Rumor has it that a remake of 1993's comedy Les Visiteurs is slated for release in Spring 2000. Jean Reno is reportedly to star in the film along side Christian Clavier (who was also in the original) and Christina Applegate (best known for her work on FOX's Married With Children).


 - by Rodger Ebert (French)
 More reviews coming soon...

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